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The Best 5 Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

As home trends go, the spotlight on kitchens shows no signs of waning. It continues to be the focal point and one of the biggest investments as far as upgrades and renovations in the home. It’s the new living room as they say – the place where we not only prepare meals but also entertain and gather as a family.

To get you inspired to create your dream kitchen — here are 5 kitchen ideas we are super excited about.

1. Open Shelving

Showing it off is where it's at! As people entertain more and invest in show stopping table settings and kitchen accessories, the trend is to create a showcase. Why hide it away when you can create a beautiful display feature? Open kitchen shelving, either in rich woods like this walnut stunner with beautiful accent lighting (see #3 for more on cabinet lighting) or in metal tubular construction like in the images below, both are great options for achieving this look.

Not that closed cabinets are out. Far from it! Think of it as another option to create a more interesting and dynamic space. With even just a few open shelves to compliment closed cabinets you get an open airy aesthetic to display your finest while having the rest of your cabinetry for the stuff you’d rather not be seen – like that club pack of paper towels.

2. Metal Finishes

Glamour. Glamour. Glamour. That’s what metal finishes do for a kitchen. They add drama, and the spice. Typically, metal finishes have be relegated to your drawer handles, faucets, lighting etc but one big trend we saw at Eurocucina this year is metal open shelving. (For those who don’t know, Eurocucina is THE tradeshow for all things kitchen designheld in Italy every two years!). We particularly like a rich matte black finish or for a touch more glam, brushed brass like what is shown here.

Of course you can’t go wrong with stainless steel for a more classic look but either way this is your chance to have some fun. Whatever metal you choose, it’s about combining materials: wood, stone, tile, metal to create a kitchen that reflects your personality and style.

3. Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is a key component of any good kitchen design. Most people go straight to task lighting – think pot lights or perhaps pendent lighting over an island but what about other considerations?

Accent lighting, especially under cabinet illumination not only provides additional task lighting but also adds drama and finish. With open kitchen shelvingbecoming a must have feature, lighting is also an essential component to completing the look.

Details like dimmers allow for more flexibility in setting the mood and environment you wish to create. Imagine beautiful wood or metal shelving, displaying say a coveted ceramics or glass collection with the right illumination it can feel almost like a sexy restaurant and who doesn’t want that feeling in a home!

Of course not to be overlooked, inside cabinet lighting is also becoming more popular as a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate kitchen spaces. How cool would it be to open a cabinet and have lights go on to better help you find what you are looking for!

4. Storage Walls

How do we reconcile our love of every kitchen gadget and countertop appliance imaginable with a minimalist aesthetic? Yep, you guessed it – storage walls! Which is just what it sounds like. A wall of floor to ceiling kitchen cabinetry. Whether it is intended to match the rest of the cabinets for a monochrome look or is treated as an accent - like this impressive combination - it’s a perfect way to add a lot of kitchen storage. And let’s not get started on what’s available for organizing inside the cupboards (think beautiful walnut box organizers which we will talk more about in another blog post!)

There is something more streamlined and contemporary about sleek tall cabinets and we predict it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

5. Minimal Hardware

Sleek, understated, integrated – these are the key style trends of kitchen hardwaretoday. With so many options from metal which comes in various colours and finishes to wood which can be seamlessly designed to be a part of the cabinet, the possibilities are almost endless. But the key takeaway is minimal and sleek. Particularly in modern kitchendesign that favours flat panel doors, a minimalist approach works well. Like these drawer pulls. They look like they are totally integrated with the drawer which makes for a very seamless design.

Hardware is a key feature of any great kitchen, think of it like a piece of jewelry that completes an outfit. It's the finishing touch that makes all the difference!

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