what people are saying 

The team helped us identify and remediate the problems we faced in four bathrooms . . . the work was well executed, on time and on budget. We love our bathrooms, and we were so impressed with their computerized millwork capability of building and installing storage solutions, that we had two custom units designed for bedrooms. 

We had a condo downtown that needed a small kitchen and bathroom reno with the usual space challenges that condos

have . . . they were a turnkey operation that didn’t have me dealing with different contractors, and they made recommendations when asked and were easy to understand.

Very happy with high quality design in both kitchen and bathroom - clear expertise in designing these spaces. Finished on time and according to terms of detailed and clear contract. Excellent, high-end quality cabinetry. The more I use the spaces the more I appreciate the thoughtful design. Overall a very good experience.

Their entire process was great. It was a nice blend of collaborative creativity married with pragmatic execution and a tenacity in meeting their commitments to times and schedule. They made everything easy, stress free and fun – the materials for the cabinetry and hardware were all chosen in one on-site visit to their showroom.